Monday, 18 October 2010

The Warm Warm Winter: Floozie by Frost French Nightwear!

Since it's getting colder, and darker earlier, I think it's time we all got some lovely cosy pyjamas, and in my opinion they should be Floozie! My favourite brand of pyjamas, Floozie has good detail, colour scheme, and is made from some type of nice material! :')

What is Floozie by Frost French?
Frost French is a clothing label, established in 1999, and run by Sadie Frost and Jemima French. They create many different designs, and trends, and 'Floozie' consists of swimwear, underwear, and nightwear. Frost French won the Elle 'Designer of the Year' in 2004.

Some of their designs...

One of my favourites overall, the ONLY pair of Floozie Slipper Boots! Or, the only ones I could find...
These boots are just so fluffy, and they are longer than the average pair of slipper boots, which means even more cosy! I love slipper boots, and the pure colour of these just makes me think of Christmas, and snow, so these boots are ideal for The Warm Warm Winter!
My favourite nightdress by Floozie, the lovely Carousel range presents itself in the form of a frilly nightie. This nightdress has two pockets, in a silky navy lace. The collar is crimped and elasticated, which gives this nightdress a pretty elegant finish, in my opinion, and the sleeves have the same edge. I love the colour scheme to this dress, it's not particularly wintery, but is completely corresponding, and just a very pretty match. It's the kind of nightdress that every time you wear it, you just have the urge to show your nightwear to anyone near you!

I would reccomend this particular nightdress to you all, as it is my absolute favourite.

This is the type of dressing gown that you want to wear all the time, or at least, I do. However that would be very unhygienic and just a tad strange. Floozie have, in my opinion, mixed together a garment of nightwear, with a fluffy marshmallow, to create this beautiful dressing gown, made of only the best quality Floozie style material. It is hooded, which for whatever reason strikes me as 'cool'. Also, the pastel pink with polka-dot design is very nice, because it's simple, yet gentle, and suggests comfort, which is perfect for a Warm Warm Winter dressing gown!

This nightdress is slightly less 'shaped' than the Carousel range one I mentioned earlier, but never the less, it's beautiful. I love the ribbon hemming on the edges, it's extremely pretty in a very girly way, which is lovely every now and again! The design is rather intricate, and it is very detailed and delightful. It shows birds, which aren't 'exactly' the first sign of winter, but who says they can't live on your Warm Warm Winter nightdress?
The two shades of pink on this nightdress go together so well, and give a very feminine look, which is good, and nice when put together in this particular way.
Another recommendation for you, the Floozie pink bird nightdress!

So, go out today and buy yourself some Warm Warm Winter Floozie by Frost French nightwear; believe me, you'll thank yourself for it!
Floozie can be purchased in the following stores-
and also on several internet shopping sites, such as Amazon and eBay.

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Monday, 11 October 2010

The vintage girl + the warm warm winter!

Christmas List?

Hey! I've written my Christmas list, yay! So I'm going to share it's content with you all, hopefully you'll like what I'm asking for; I love them all!

Viva Las Vegas Slipper Boots, £16.00, Accessorize.
Don't you think these are just lovely?! I think slipper boots make an amazing Christmas present because they are just so cosy, and I think the colour scheme on this particular pair is quite wintery. I love slipper boots! I like the stars and stripes design, it's unique and very pretty!

Gypset Charm Bracelet, £8.00, Accessorize

II don't really think this bracelet is wintery at all, but I love it still! The charms are very pretty, and I especially love the bird! I like the collections of beads, and their well colour coded arrangement. I think this bracelet is unique with a very exotic look, and I really hope I get this bracelet!

Black Ditsy Mix Dress, £38.00, Miss Selfridge
Every Christmas, I get an outfit as a part of a present, and this year I am choosing this dress. I like the shape, it's very warm looking, and I like the ruffle look on the sleeves, because it is less refining. I love the mini red design imprint; it's quite a vintage but lovely look. Overall I think this dress is the ideal Christmas day dress!


Ankle Cowboy Boots, £40.00, Miss Selfridge.
To go with my Christmas dress, a lovely pair of ankle boots! I really like these because I'm pretty sure they will go with just about any outfit I can think of! They are really stylish, and yet so simple that they don't create any clashes. I love boots, and I think this pair will be another pair of my favourites!

Photo Frame, £12.50, Utility.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo frame! I love taking photos and keeping good memories, and this photo frame is a brilliant size, and I hope to fill it with photos of me and my friends on days with great memories. I know, I sound superficial, but I love my friends, and I love photos.

 So Hooked On Carmella Perfume, £29.50, Benefit @ Boots.

I love the smell of this perfume; it's really unique, lasts well, and smells very sweet and tasty! Boots says:

From Benefit, Hooked on Carmella is an

exquisitely feminine fragrance that is found

 within the floral vanilla category. So exquisite 

and enticing.

I love the sound of that, and I absolutely adore wearing perfume, so this should do well!

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