Saturday, 24 July 2010

Ways to have a perfect summer.

Hola amigos!
I know, I've been gone for some time now, sorry about that...

Anyhow, British weather's not so good right now. So if you're going abroad, here are some tips to having a fab time.

1. Learn the language!
This might sound like hard work, but learn a little vocab and some key phrases of the main language of the place you are going to, and soon enough you'll be able to hold small conversation with foreigners! Also, it's much more interesting and fun to speak in another language whilst abroad, you don't get such a chance at home!

2. Look after yourself!
I know people want a tan. I know you all think suncream stops you getting a tan, but funnily enough, it helps you get a tan! Wear a medium factor such as 20. Apply it in the morning before you go out, but take it in your bag. Reapply at about midday, and then when you get home, apply a moisturiser or aftersun, and you'll pick up some colour! Wear sunglasses. Not just fashionable ones, they need to actually block the sun, or you won't be able to see your holiday when the sun blinds you! Also, drink lots! Water tastes nicer on warm holidays anyway, but I advise you to buy filtered water, tap water isn't always safe abroad.

3. Wear appropriate clothes!
Check the weather forecast ahead of you. You can't always assume it'll be roasting wherever you go! I mean, on Thursday it thundered in Spain! Only once, but you can't expect things! You're probably best taking a variety of clothes, but if you're still pretty confident in the heat, avoid wearing black, it'll attract the sun and overheat you, and that's different to a nice heat. Wear sensible shoes, heels and boots aren't really summer holiday footwear now.

4. Show an interest in culture!
Don't spend all of your time in the complex where you're staying, or sunbathing at a pool or beach, try spending a few days in a rural area, do a bit of real tourism, and take photos of buildings, parks, cathedrals, the actual country! This way, you'll get more of a chance to use Step 1, and not be stuck speaking English to fellow tourists whilst doing nothing. Hire a car if necessary. If you go to a restaurant, try and order what the locals are, don't rely on the 'English Menu'.

5. Watch out for people!
Learn the words for 'thief' and 'help'! This way you are less likely to be in an awkward position. Find out the police number for the area. Use a money belt, or cross body bag, as these are harder to get to. Also, check out everything in shops. Most shop-owners know that tourists won't check, so if you are certain on prices, buy it. Otherwise, don't. Shop-owners can try to completely rip you off.

Have a nice holiday!!